Why Us?


+28 Years Experience

Our company began from the moment when only industrial tape and adhesives specializes in the field that is well-equipped with technical experience and solution partnership continues for a quarter century.

Leading Brands

Industry-leading global brands with high quality and wide range of products

Technical Support Unit

Field and support teams that are easily accessible, providing quick solution.

Delivery in Time

The products, which are needed or selected for the projects, ship in the specified time.

70 + Special Project / Year

Every year new bonding applications with innovative thinking and technology.

Product Groups

Single Sided Tapes

Double Sided Tapes

Acrylic Tapes

Detachable & Plug-in Systems

Do you need a structural connection solution?

With our fast, practical and professional assembly solutions that provide design freedom and aesthetics, we help you provide a strong and permanent connection with aesthetic, correct products for all your innovative projects and applications.